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Smiling Monster Games is a board game company located in Aachen, Germany. It was founded early 2010 by Helge Landmesser, Jörg Weseloh and Stefan Zlatintsis, board and card game enthusiasts since their early days, to publish unique and uncommon games for board game fans and families.

2016 - CABO is back!

The long wait for the return of the unicorn and its friends has finally come to an end - CABO is back again! With new box cover and the popular, imaginative and lovely illustrations. Be sure to Know your cards!

- Helge und Stefan - Your Smiling Monster Games Team

2015 - Sirens in Sight

2015 we lift anchor and sail to new shores. In the previous year, we stayed in office and now we set sails to adventures in the south-sea, meeting sirens. They challenged you on fairs and events - a few lucky ones came out victorious and won a copy of the game. Congratulations to all!

- Helge and Stefan - Your Smiling Monster Games Team

2014 - Playing in the office

We took it easy this year and published one new game, Office 21, a game where you can do just all those things that your company won't (officially) allow you: spy on your competitors, seduce the boss (or secretary, if you happen to be the boss), and start over from scratch in case you screw up. The rush for the game caught us by suprise - a big thank you to all the office fans out there!

- Helge und Stefan - Your Smiling Monster Games Team

2013 - Aliens and a wolf

This year we have been hardworking and published two games, Mission: Combat! and Wooolf!! (with a total of three exclamation marks ;) ).

Mission: Combat! is another game according to our taste: Marines and Aliens, theme and tactics, packed into fast game play. We like it so much!

Wooolf!! is another game according to our taste: Tell tales, theme and deduction, packed into fast game play. We like it so much!

We have set our monster-foot on new territory, too, and visited Taiwan, met so many nice people, tried all those delicious dishes (still a few on our to-try-out list, though) and learned a lot new games - one of which is Wooolf!!

- Best wishes from your Smiling Monster Games Team

2012 - New things in the pipeline and changes ahead

In 2012 we worked on the Smiling Monster portfolio and won two authors, with one brand new game each. More to be told about this next year. Finally, we managed to get our web-shop up and running - go there to get our games and check on interesting and entertaining games, which we like a lot, from Asia.

Also, the Smiling Monster Team has changed during the year: Jörg wants to spend more time for his private life and has decided to leave the team.

Thanks a lot, Jörg - for new and fresh ideas, for pushing us forward ("... just this one last final test round"), and the fun and wonderful time.

Hunting Fever flew off the shelves and we went for a second edition, with reworked rules - now in English, French, and German.

A really big thank you to all Hunting Fever fans out there - we are happy that you and your family friends and the people you happen to know, like this hunt so much!

- Helge, Stefan - Your Smiling Monster Games Team

2011 - Hunting Fever

Having released Guided Lands last year, we wanted to do relax a bit and create a short and light game. A game where players have the feeling to hunt and be the hunted at the same time. It was just obvious, to come up with a hunting themed game, where players try to (out)guess what the co-players will do next. The idea for Hunting Fever was born. And we managed to cut down development time from seven to "only" two years until we could present it to the public.

- Your Smiling Monster Games Team

2010 - Guided Lands

Guided Lands, the first Smiling Monster release, is a tabletop game for veterans and newcomers to the hobby.

Guided Lands introduces an easy to use modular system that lets you create your own races. Equip them with weapons, armor and special abilities that match the actual design of your minis. Set them up in fighting units and lead them to battle - from small-area skirmishes to large battle-grounds.

The complete and full rules come in a single book.

Only sad news is that Guided Lands is available as German language edition only. Perhaps we manage to make an English edition one fine day.

2010 is also the year where Smiling Monster Games made its first appearance as exhibitor at the Spiel in Essen. Having been at the fair as visitors for the last 20 something year, this was a totally new and great experience.

Thanks to all who have visited us there and at other gaming days and fairs, to play, meet and talk, or simply to find out, what the Smiling Monsters look like.

New games are on the way in the next year.
We are looking forward to meet you again or for the first time, in Essen or any other gaming event.

- Helge, Jörg und Stefan - Your Smiling Monster Games Team

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