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You have developed a game and want to get it published?

At the time being we are looking for family games only - playable from ages 8 and up to the oldest generation. Playing time is ideally around/up to 30 minutes, definitely less than an hour.

How to submit your game to us?

Send a short description, which points out what makes your game special and stand out from others, to info [at] smiling-monster.de.

Keep the description short - not more than a single page (A4 or letter size).
Include the usual information, like genre, number of players, playing time, target group, description of materials, etc.
Please add a photo (JPEG-format) of your prototype, too.

It takes us about 8 weeks to decide, if your game is interesting for us, currently. In either case we will inform you of the decision. In case your game seems promising, we will need a playable prototype for detailed testing. We will inform you then about how much time testing will take. If we are still interested, we will discuss the next steps with you. In either case, you will get back your prototype, of course.

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