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Please note that the Guided Lands rule book is currently available only as German language edition.

Guided Lands

Tabletop-Battles for all Fantasy-Miniatures

With the universal Guided Lands tabletop-system you can recruit and mix fantasy miniatures from any manufacturer for your army (25-35 mm scale).

Bring all your favourite minis to battle at once ... finally!

Guided Lands introduces an easy to use modular system that lets you create your own races. Equip them with weapons, armor and special abilities that match the actual design of your minis. Set them up in fighting units and lead them to battle - from small-area skirmishes to large battle-grounds.

Guided Lands uses a dice-independent initiative-system that calls for your tactical wits. Monsters, mages and machines as well as cavalry are covered in the advanced rules chapters of the rule book.

Game details (in German)

Guided Lands, 100 pages, softcover-book, limited edition numbered 1-500

At the time being, Guided Lands is available only as German language edition!

Game design: Jörg Weseloh
Artwork: Bernd Göwe, Michael Mittag, Tu Peishu
Story Die Hunde des Krieges: Markus Cremer
2 players, ages 14 and up

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